The Philippine President vs. Yellow Tags

As year 2016 comes to an end, we will face another challenges or embrace greater opportunities as new year comes.

Filipinos united for better future and great changes under the administration of   President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.  Those who are anti-Duterte in the Philippines and around the globe, these are the people who hate changes and who do not accept  defeat.


Let us make an example of  the cronies of the previous administration, the oligarchs who poisoned the mind of the innocent people.  These oligarchs  control the media, allowing themselves to be powerful,  hide their being incompetence,  suppress what is really the threat in our country, and worst change our history.

These  people (officials and allied)  under the circle of “Yellow Tags”,  are planning or I may say working  secretly  to destroy and destabilize the present administration. Instead of being cooperative and helpful to the oppressed society ,  they are rather  threat to our security.


We are afraid of  changes.  If we only open our mind, think of the future,  and have concern to the society, then let the changes begin in ourselves.

The government is  leading us for a better tomorrow. The government  tries to  eradicate graft and corruption. The administration wants to correct  the damage done by the previous  administration by  implementing new  rules, regulations and laws to discipline the society.

The war against drugs and corruption, the debate regarding death penalty, and  the issue about extrajudicial killings.  The  social media again has something to do with current situation. The bias correspondents and media research team  working on these. They were  fabricating the story from their own perception  and diverting the issue from  what is real.

Why at this present administration, the foreign and local press corps only highlighted the war against drugs, corruption, the violence and massive killings?

Why the press corps had forgotten the issues  from the past administrations  especially of former President Noynoy Aquino  that up to now were unsolved?

People are sometimes judgmental.  We don’t see our own mistakes, but rather we easily jump to conclusion about  the negative deeds of our fellowmen.