Life at 35

The twist and turn in my journey to Langkawi ends. As I mark my 35 years of existence, it also to put an end for a closing door.

It is a tough decision I finally have the courage to face.  It is not too late to start another chapter of my life as I talk about my career path.

I am optimistic as an old door closed, there will be a  window for me to peep before a new gate opens.


Photo taken: Langkawi, Malaysia




Explore the Old Times in Cambodia

The experience in visiting the ruins of old temples in Siem Reap.  Despite of  thousand years had passed, the local government with the help of foreign countries, these old temples have been  reconstructed and restored  to preserve its cultural heritage, its history and pride of Cambodians


Siem Reap Trip






Touch Life

As I walk through this path, I ask myself if I am going to approach them and would ask “what keeps you looking forward in life?”  But then, I just shut my mouth and silently observe them.

As I went back home, I search again my favorite inspirational article from “”

I would like to share on my personal blog the said article.

Why we should look forward to more of each day? “Looking forward to even the smallest parts of your day can’t only make the day more enjoyable, but can also improve your outlook on life, help you appreciate the things you have, keep you from getting stressed out, and help you have better relationships.”

Object of Affection

The feeling of satisfaction when I carry you

The sound of your laughter melts my heart.

I remember the time, you came into my world,

Mixed emotion filled every corner of the room.


Feeling proud of myself,

The essence of being a woman.

The pain I’ve been through, disappeared!

Upon hearing your very first cry.


Tears running down my cheek,

As you lay down on my chest.

A promise that binds us together, my child.

I hold you tight through ups and downs.


Soon these arms will be old and tired,

And no longer be with you, when my time comes.

Don’t forget the arms that molded you,

of what you are now.

This is only my legacy, which you will be reminded of me.


DSC_0119-17 DSC_0139-27 DSC_0218-66 DSC_0224  DSC_0255

Photographer: Yours truly

The poem I originally composed. I am so happy dealing with these families from different part of the world. Especially those angels, when they plastered their sweet smile:)

Hidden Pain

I treat you as  a friend,

But you treated me as  a trash,

You shove me away,

Like a useless man.


Now, the fire in my eyes,

The wound in my heart

Will stay forever,

As long as I live.


True friends are really hard to find,

False friends are like autumn leaves

Scattered everywhere.


Harsh words are hard to bear

Stabbed  behind my back

Insensitivity in you,   a ruthless man.


You made me stronger by your unbearable  words

Standing firm where am I right now, 

Brave heart  as I face the world

Not afraid anymore in the dark.


Vengeance is not ours, my  friend

The wheel of life will keep on turning .

Life still must go on, 

My rhythm plays the song.


As the sun still shining on me,

Soon, I will leave my path

Only time will heal the wounds

The scars that marked my weakest point.