A year to remember

As we welcome Year of the Sheep,  we look back at year 2014. There are hesitations and regrets from the past which cannot be undone anymore. There are “what if” and “if only” sort of possibilities  playing in our minds. As long as we are still breathing and kicking, we can make the best out of it.


Here comes another year to start another race.  A year to look forward to finish pending works.  I am thankful of all the blessings I received from the past year.  Single word is not enough how to describe the feeling of,  when you served as a blessing for other people.  The feeling when you see their genuine smile as you lend your helping hand.


People come and go. Some will stay through thick and thin. Others will leave you soon. Some will mock at you, some will betray you,  and others will stay faithful whether you are at your worst or best mood.


One day is over for 2015, and tomorrow the sun will shine again.  I am not sure where I am heading to, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Almighty God,  it brings back my confidence as I land my step from the very first day of this year. I do believe, if it is really meant for you, it will be for you.

The wheel of life continuously rolling. It is only us who direct our lives according to our own free will.

sun rays (14)

Photos included were taken in different Island Resorts in Maldives

Photographed by: “Yours truly”

Greetings on the Year of the Dragon

“New Year, Another journey and path to walk on ……”

In this article first and foremost, I would like to give thanks and greet all my relatives, cousins, and brother living and working abroad. To all my Blog followers, twitter friends and mates, Facebook groups (SimpleThoughts & Single Pilipina), batch mates, and friends in and out cyber world a bountiful and prosperous New Year to all of us.

In my previous articles in “My Points of View” and “My Memoirs”, I was overwhelmed about the outcome and comments of those viewers and readers who visited by blogs.

To all members of SimpleThoughts, a group I created, thank you for sharing “thoughts and quotes” for the day.

Thank you to all my friends and subscribers in my YouTube channel “Miechellejoy”. Luckily YouTube panelists didn’t block all my created videos (crazy & funny videos, lol!).

It is only a short period of time since I joined Twitter, YouTube, Blogging, and Single Pilipina, yet the camaraderie and sharing of ideas are more important to me. Though we didn’t meet formally in person, this medium serves as a channel for us to communicate.

Year 2011 calendar will soon be disposed and it will change to a new one. It is a year for every one who suffered failures, bitterness, heartaches and pains. Despite of those, we still manage to smile and stand up from our downfall.

Indeed, 2011 for me is not quite good. I am still thankful to the Lord because He guides me to the right path. I have my parents, brothers, trusted and close friends who are there to support me in my ups and downs.

There were circumstances that I was really upset and dejected. Still I never gave up. As this press time, I am still optimistic and waiting for the positive results of all my decisions and plans.

On the other hand, as I am refreshing the unforgettable moment in my life, it is really hard to forget. When someone made a scar and deeply wounded your whole being. I do believe the way to move forward is not going back which was already done in the past.

My only consolation to myself is I learned from my mistakes. People accept me for who and what I am right now. In spite of my impulsive decisions in life and stubbornness, God still remain by my side.

As my final statement, “Life is full of mystery and a roller-coaster in a rugged country road. It is full of excitement, suspense, actions, and romance. In this world we meet true and false people. They might influence us in good and bad terms. But still parents stick with us.”
Once again join me in celebrating and welcoming “2012 countdown”…..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!