Life at 35

The twist and turn in my journey to Langkawi ends. As I mark my 35 years of existence, it also to put an end for a closing door.

It is a tough decision I finally have the courage to face.  It is not too late to start another chapter of my life as I talk about my career path.

I am optimistic as an old door closed, there will be a  window for me to peep before a new gate opens.


Photo taken: Langkawi, Malaysia




Explore the Old Times in Cambodia

The experience in visiting the ruins of old temples in Siem Reap.  Despite of  thousand years had passed, the local government with the help of foreign countries, these old temples have been  reconstructed and restored  to preserve its cultural heritage, its history and pride of Cambodians


Siem Reap Trip






Magical Bali

Bali is a lush paradise island. Famed for its art, recreation, culture, traditions, and warm greetings of Balinese people.


For my seven months stay in this magical island, full of memories from the people I met. Language as the major barrier for me. This serve as a motivation to learn the dialect and embrace their culture.

I will never forget the people who are good to me. They are like angels  who served as my guardians while living alone in this island.

These are my moments in Magical Island of Bali.


Trip to Korea- 2016 (한국에서 잘 지내세요)

Visiting South Korea is a dream come true. I went there just by myself with my luggage, small camera and tripod. Before going to Korea, I applied for  visa in Jakarta and waited for 5-days to process.

With the help of Ms. Dinda (referred by a mutual friend working in Anantara Uluwatu) who booked for my flight to Jakarta, Jeju & Seoul plus my accommodation in South Korea.

She sent an email of  Seoul booklet and I wrote down possible places to visit nearby my accommodation. I studied Seoul subway too (it is really complicated, too many lines).

She did a great job especially in booking for cheap flights and finding accommodation which fits to my budget. Though, challenges arise before this trip, still we manage to finalize my South Korea holiday trip.

I spent 3-nights in Jeju, flew back to Seoul for 1-day visit and back to Bali on October 19.

How I survived in Jeju Island? Well, I google the interesting places, learned the bus timings and know where the bus stop is.

Fortunately, I have Korean (can speak English) roommate in Gongcheonpo Olle Guesthouse. Her name is Bora. So, whenever I am not sure about the bus number and route, I seek help from her. She is so helpful and friendly.

By the way, from Jeju International Airport to Gongcheonpo Olle Guesthouse takes around 1 1/2 hour trip by bus.  It is far from the airport but near to the interesting places in Jeju.

My room facing the sea, and I can easily watch sunrise and sunset by merely opening my window pane.

October 17, when I arrived in Seoul (city life). I explore the place right after my arrival in the city. I  grab the map, read and follow the route. Whenever I feel that I am lost and couldn’t find the right track, I ask some Koreans waiting on the line too.

I learned from this trip: be brave to ask,  be open to learn, and be aware of your environment.

Here are some of the photos taken during my 4-days trip in South Korea:

JEJU ISLAND – 3 nights

Seoul- 1 night


Those who are living in Indonesia and tend to visit South Korea, I may suggest the service of Ms. Dinda. You can send message to her email address:

You will surely love the place.

Touch Life

As I walk through this path, I ask myself if I am going to approach them and would ask “what keeps you looking forward in life?”  But then, I just shut my mouth and silently observe them.

As I went back home, I search again my favorite inspirational article from “”

I would like to share on my personal blog the said article.

Why we should look forward to more of each day? “Looking forward to even the smallest parts of your day can’t only make the day more enjoyable, but can also improve your outlook on life, help you appreciate the things you have, keep you from getting stressed out, and help you have better relationships.”

Rising Dubai

After two years, I’m back in Dubai again. Site-seeing with these high-rising infrastructures and on-going construction of new buildings.

The 158th General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) in Paris has officially confirmed Dubai as the Host City of the next World Exposition in 2020. (source:

Photos taken near Burj Khalifa, different Metro Stations




















Enchanted Beauty of Batanes

Batanes is the smallest and northernmost province in the Philippines.

I stayed there for four days. Being thrilled to visit places in Batan and Sabtang Island, I woke up early to catch a ride.

The place is really haven for me. The road trip  up to  the hills of Batanes is really a great experience.

I shall return to this place someday  and visit Itbayat Island which it takes 3 to 4 hours boat trip from Basco.

Below are the photos I took in Batanes:

DSC_0509 DSC_0542 DSC_0544 DSC_0551 DSC_0559 DSC_0561 DSC_0565-2 DSC_0574 DSC_0586 DSC_0592 DSC_0622 DSC_0638 DSC_0689 DSC_0727 DSC_0755 DSC_0812

The art of being “Single”

It’s been eight long years, since my first relationship ended.

I’ve been enjoying my life as a single woman focusing on my career, parents, loved-ones, friends, self-identity and especially waiting for God’s signal to meet a right guy.

I tried joining dating websites with the influence of my friends who found their loving husband and fiance’ through online dating. But I failed to find a good man.

I’m scared to commit mistake again and the fear to easily fall in love.

Sometimes, I feel frustrated but then when I just close my eyes whisper the name of the Lord and believe in His words, I feel at ease.

I am not a perfect woman, I have my flaws and downfall.

From my past, I have learned a lesson and it made me stronger.

myself and my tripod

Being single at the age of 33,  doesn’t mean that I don’t want to settle down someday.

As a single at this moment, it gives me more time to explore things, to enjoy every opportunity,  and widening my horizon by mingling to other people, accepting their cultures and the likes.

There are so many advantages being a single. I love my life and it gives me more strength and inspiration to dream big and plan goals for the future.

As I end my article, “I will meet the right guy destined to be my lifetime partner. A good man that God has chosen.”