The Essence of Fatherhood

Not every man can be a good father and at the same time a loving husband. Being a responsible father brings out the inner qualities of fatherhood.

The first time, I asked my brother how’s being a father and husband. He can’t explain the feeling entering another phase of his life. A single word he only said to me, “Happy”.


Being a first time father is quite terrifying but rewarding experience. The moment you witness the hardship of your wife in that delivery room, the first time you gonna hear the cry of your first born child,  and the time that everyone will congratulate you.

I could hardly imagine how bachelors changed their lifestyle once they became a father figure.

Building up a successful family is a tough job for every parent. It involves commitment, self-sacrifice, integrity, and unconditional love.

Responsible fathers are concerned with the well-being of their children, and their desire is to see their children succeed in all areas of life.

I just remember what our parents often tell to us, “Always pray to God”. Our father thinks for the future, even though we are all grown ups and have our own careers, still he never fails to give us advice. I am so grateful for having such great parents. We simply live a simple life. We are happy and contented what we have.

Throwback photo *_^

Throwback photo *_^

Moreover, I featured some of my guests on this very special day.  These great fathers enjoying their quality time with their loved-ones.

Father & Son tandem from China

with loving wife
Lovely Sofia with Father
Happy Family
Cute handsome son from Czech Republic
Wife is 8 months preggy
Congratulations! The couple just got married last May 16, 2015

Keeping Marriage Stronger (the finale)

Before anything else, I would like to express my gratitude to all readers, viewers and guests who were featured on this blog.

Thank you for the trust for letting me write this article and the positive response through email.

As a writer, I have this mood swing whether I want to start another topic or not. When information feeds my exhausted brain, I am being reinvigorate. My brain starts to imagine fairy tales, couple walking hand in hand under the  moonlight, and the sparkle of  love and kisses.


25 years happily married


Whenever I ask couples, if they want to be a part of my blog, they often ask if I am married. Before they jump into another question, I answered them with a smile, that their unique love story will be an inspiration for me and to all readers of my blog.

I will not disclose their love stories. The trials they have been to, from the time of dating until they settled down. By merely reading the glitters into their eyes, and genuine smile. I can say, they are happily contented and loved.

Furthermore, I included here my research and summarized according to my understanding  about “The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work….Strengthening the Marital Friendship” by John Gottmann, 1999

1. Stay in touch with each other- have time to talk each day, even for simple things.

2. Show appreciation- Saying thanks or giving compliments.

3. Show kindness- kind words or kind actions.


4.Give the gift of understanding- For someone to be understood, he must know how to understand first.



5. Learn your spouse’s ‘love language”


6. Make time for fun

7. Balance being a parent with being a partner- Parenthood can bring some special demands and challenges to the marriage


20 years happily married and blessed with 2 lovely teenage daughters


“A solid marital friendship is a buffer against the problems that arise in marriage. No marriage will ever be totally free of differences, and setting out to “fix” everything we’re unhappy about is an impossible task. The more we’re focused on problems, the more problems we’ll see. Couples are happier when they can focus on the good in their marriage and in their spouse. When the friendship is good, it’s easier to do that, And when our friendship is solid and we are happy in the marriage, differences and problems don’t matter as much.” (by  Thomas R. Lee, Ph.D., 2001)


Object of Affection

The feeling of satisfaction when I carry you

The sound of your laughter melts my heart.

I remember the time, you came into my world,

Mixed emotion filled every corner of the room.


Feeling proud of myself,

The essence of being a woman.

The pain I’ve been through, disappeared!

Upon hearing your very first cry.


Tears running down my cheek,

As you lay down on my chest.

A promise that binds us together, my child.

I hold you tight through ups and downs.


Soon these arms will be old and tired,

And no longer be with you, when my time comes.

Don’t forget the arms that molded you,

of what you are now.

This is only my legacy, which you will be reminded of me.


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Photographer: Yours truly

The poem I originally composed. I am so happy dealing with these families from different part of the world. Especially those angels, when they plastered their sweet smile:)