Second Life, better chances

I was on board in this passenger bus going to Ilocos Sur when all the passengers and bus drivers experienced an ill-fated journey. From the engine, Aircon Outlet, and the  unfortunate fall of one of the bus driver from top of the bus  (while fixing the Aircon System).

Flashback come rushing to my mind as I saw the driver accidentally fell from the ground.

When I was in my High School days, one fortune teller said, I was going to lose my life in an accident particularly road mishap. She never gave me an idea when and what shall I do to prevent this mishap to occur.

The first experienced was on 1999, San Vicente Naval Base. I was too grateful I was qualified to take the examination.

This financial assistance was granted to all Philippine Navy’s sons/daughters who are entering College.

Fortunately, with my parent’s support and God guidance I passed the qualifying test

The Philippine Navy Chief,  two other officers and the wife offered a free ride going home and they will just drop by in Cordon.  My parents were hesitant to the offer. Their reason was, we still have to buy some fresh seafoods. Still they insist and wanted to buy too. That’s why six of us, a board a white van going home ( four of them going back to Manila).

Noon time after lunch, we bid goodbye to the rest of the Philippine Navy officers and to my dearest Father.

The officer asked where was the easiest route to take.  We took the exit way going to Mallig Region. It was a creepy road because you will see few built houses, surrounded by mountains, and rough roads. As we hit the main highway, still far distance houses and few vehicles passing by. It was nearly 5:30pm we were on our way to Enrile, Cagayan.

The van is inclining, the officer put up some speed. We were following another vehicle ahead of us. He never honked. He overtook the vehicle in front of us. Unknowingly, as we were on our speed, there was an owner typed- jeepney inclining too. At that point the officer divert our way and cut  to the other side. Unluckily, due to the speed  and immediate breaks the white van tumble down followed by us.

We were just rolling inside the van, the white van keep on tumbling down the road. We were shocked and our bones trembling to the incident. The position of the white van was in reverse. The wheels on top.

Fortunately, I, my mother, and the wife suffered slight scratches and tolerable bump on my head. While  the officers in front of us suffered slight bruised on their elbows and knees, and bump on their shoulders.

Thanks God we were alive!  The officers immediately relay the incident to their co-officers in San Vicente, Naval Base

When we successfully get out from the van, the officer talked to the driver of the owner typed-jeepney. Both of them settled the incident. (nothing happened to owner typed-jeepney)

We couldn’t believe the distance where the accident happened and where the tumbled white van was.  Due to adrenaline rush and no other vehicles passing through that road to help us;  we helped each other to put the white van in a right  position it should be.

The officer said, luckily all the fresh seafoods inside the containers never dropped on us. The containers were sealed properly.

Secondly, no oil leaked.

Third, the head lights are still working. The one side-view mirror, though broken, still there’s one  mirror left.

Fourth, the doors can still be close and open. Not the behind door where our stuffs were packed.

It was already dark as we drove away that accident prone road in Enrile, Cagayan.

As we entered the first town of Mallig Region, we sought help to those residence there. They were all alarmed what happened to us. One of the elders said, it was really an accident prone in that inclined road.

He said, “Sir, may kumukuha talaga doon, sana bumusina kayo.” (Sir, there’s really someone behind that road. You should honked your horn.”

We asked for a string to put on the behind door so that it can be closed slightly. So that all our stuff behind will not be dropping down as we hit the road.

We were thankful and bid goodbye again to the residence there (I forgot the town already).

I was behind looking on our stuff and hoping it won’t drop as I was checking the condition of the string attached to it.

We were so tired and starving and yet our hometown is still a long way to go. One of the officer suggested if we can dropped by to his cousin’s hometown. We took another road going there to have some cup of coffee and light meal.

As we arrived there, the relatives of this officer flabbergasted in our sudden visit. After one hour of  chatting we hit the road again.

It was early dawn, we finally arrived in our hometown. My brothers and grandmother woke up to open the gate. They, too as well, couldn’t believe that we survived in that accident.

The three officers and wife settled to sleep overnight at home after some cup of coffee and short conversation.

The following day, my father took an emergency leave to what happened to us.

As this press time, I’m still alive. Thanks God for giving us another chance to live.