Smiley Hello, A sad Goodbye

Love, look at the two of us

We act like strangers again.

The flame of love is as cold as ice.

Precious words, no longer there?


Precious moments we have, a simple hello

Now vanishing in the air in thirty-seconds.

For second time, I believe in the game of love.

But I fail, with wounded heart.



I thought, the searched is over,

The love I felt in you.

But then, I am just dreaming,

Underestimate how love plays a fool.


Please, wake me up into this bad nightmare

Help me accept  the truth and reality.

Let me heal the bruise from broken promises

For me to believe again, in the name of True Love.



Photographer: yours truly

Location: Maldives & Dubai

Challenge of a Long Distance Relationship

More and more young couples are struggling with launching two separate careers at the same time that they are launching a relationship. Frequently, couples in this situation quote “absence makes the heart grow fonder” as a way of reassuring themselves and each other that their love will sustain them over the difficulties of distance and time.



Couples in a long distance relationship face: Communication problems, Psychological and Relationship problems.

  1. Communication Problems- communication is the important ingredient in all relationships.

– When couple lives in different country and time zone.

– Discrepancy over mode of communication

– Difference in “primary love languages

-Dependence on technology


  1. Relationship Problems

– Possibility of growing apart

–  The challenge of dependence

-Lack of physical interaction

-Absence of tangible support

-Issues blown out of proportion


  1. Psychological Problem







What can a couple do to preserve their love and relationship over the miles?

1.Both members of the couple are committed to the commitment.

2. Both members keep their partners visible to the people around them, as well as to themselves.

3.The arrangement meets the needs of both people.

4.The arrangement is within each partner’s physical “intimacy zone”.

5. Both people are focused on their careers when they are working and on each other when they are together.

6. They consider carefully whether they have what it takes to add a “third career” (child-rearing) to the mix.



Prayer is a strong weapon to a weakening relationship. Put God as a center of your relationship plus patience, trust, endurance, a strong sense of commitment, and healthy communication between couple is key to tackle the problems and challenges of a long distance relationship.


Photos taken in Maldives

sources from Authors: Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker and Sejal Parikh