Loving Unconditionally

In some articles I wrote about “Love & Relationship”, I included blogs and reviews from other writers. These blogs help me a lot in terms of information, an awakening into reality, and serve as a driving force for me to write.

I am so grateful to all my guests featured in every article published, for giving me permission to include their magical moments in Maldives.

Here is an introduction I quoted from author Barrie Davenport.

“Lasting relationships require unconditional love. Unconditional love in a relationship begins with oneself. To set the foundation for a lasting, healthy relationship, you must first have a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. It also means you can stand on your own two feet as an individual without requiring a romantic partner to define you or complete you. You can be together with someone and still remain fully yourself — as a person you like and respect.”

     “Offering unconditional love to yourself means you are able to view yourself as lovable and worthy — in spite of any perceived flaws or past mistakes.

Newly wed from China

Within the relationship itself, you are able to love the other person as they are in their essence. If you have fallen in love with this person and want to build a lasting relationship with them, then you must view them as a unique individual, not as an extension of yourself.”

“They may be different from you in many ways. They may view the world differently and have habits that you don’t share, but you can embrace these differences because they are part of this unique person you love.“

“You begin with the essentials of self-love ,mutual love and respect. You see and embrace the core of the other, their innate personality and worldview. You acknowledge the influences of their upbringing, life experiences, and ingrained behaviors.”

met during high school days

Photos taken in Maldives: 

It’s just simply saying: opposite attracts, likes repel.

2 and 1/2 years into a relationship, before tying a knot

– See more at: http://liveboldandbloom.com/11/relationships/unconditional-love-the-key-to-lasting-relationships


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