In Loving Memory

Life is like a newly watered plants in the garden,
Fresh in the morning, soon it will be withered.
Vibrant color green when it is still young,
When the time comes, the leaves will fall.
It will touch the ground, soon it will be gone.
I still miss the childhood days with you,
Your serious face and funny smile.
Only in  memory, I can remember you.
It’s too late to say, ” I love you”.
Why can’t I stop these tears?
Why can’t I stop blaming myself?
Being selfish for keeping eight long years,
Not asking how are you?
Being affected by this emotion I kept inside,
Thinking always Grandma, instead of you.
If only I can bring back the time
I want to say sorry and  forgive you.
Now you’re gone Papang,
How can I read these lines to you?
How can you hear me singing it loud?
Amazing grace, I sing it for you:(


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