The Wedding Dream

Every girl’s dream to walk down the aisle,

Making her own fairy tale

The smooth silky white long dress,

Embroidered the symbolism of purity.


The veil which symbolizes coyness and humility

While her angelic face, reflecting  pure energy.

The burning flame of love can see through her eyes

Sparkling with  rainbow colors.


Happiness radiates, blissful feeling

The story to be unfold to million viewers.

By accepting God’s precious gift,

As she enters the stage of matrimony.

Long journey for two hearts bind as one.

Keeping promises, the unbreakable vows.

Married life can be tricky

You may win or lose.


This is a forever commitment,

Not to be taken for granted.

A groom without a bride,

Is like a car without engine.

God is the center of everything,

The ultimate director, the executive producer.

The script turns to reality,

Blessed with His grace and love unconditionally.


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