A year to remember

As we welcome Year of the Sheep,  we look back at year 2014. There are hesitations and regrets from the past which cannot be undone anymore. There are “what if” and “if only” sort of possibilities  playing in our minds. As long as we are still breathing and kicking, we can make the best out of it.


Here comes another year to start another race.  A year to look forward to finish pending works.  I am thankful of all the blessings I received from the past year.  Single word is not enough how to describe the feeling of,  when you served as a blessing for other people.  The feeling when you see their genuine smile as you lend your helping hand.


People come and go. Some will stay through thick and thin. Others will leave you soon. Some will mock at you, some will betray you,  and others will stay faithful whether you are at your worst or best mood.


One day is over for 2015, and tomorrow the sun will shine again.  I am not sure where I am heading to, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Almighty God,  it brings back my confidence as I land my step from the very first day of this year. I do believe, if it is really meant for you, it will be for you.

The wheel of life continuously rolling. It is only us who direct our lives according to our own free will.

sun rays (14)

Photos included were taken in different Island Resorts in Maldives

Photographed by: “Yours truly”

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