Object of Affection

The feeling of satisfaction when I carry you

The sound of your laughter melts my heart.

I remember the time, you came into my world,

Mixed emotion filled every corner of the room.


Feeling proud of myself,

The essence of being a woman.

The pain I’ve been through, disappeared!

Upon hearing your very first cry.


Tears running down my cheek,

As you lay down on my chest.

A promise that binds us together, my child.

I hold you tight through ups and downs.


Soon these arms will be old and tired,

And no longer be with you, when my time comes.

Don’t forget the arms that molded you,

of what you are now.

This is only my legacy, which you will be reminded of me.


DSC_0119-17 DSC_0139-27 DSC_0218-66 DSC_0224  DSC_0255

Photographer: Yours truly

The poem I originally composed. I am so happy dealing with these families from different part of the world. Especially those angels, when they plastered their sweet smile:)

Living in Paradise, Living a Dream

Crystal clear, vast area of bodies of water, rich in colorful coral reefs and sea creatures. Mixed nationalities come to visit Maldives for their holiday trip.

Experience diving in a deep blue water, chanting with the family of Whales, taking a glimpse of the dolphins, having an eye to eye contact with the turtles, and indulging with other water sports activities.

Almost 14 months working in different Island Resorts in Maldives, is like living in a paradise. Away from noise and air pollution, staying in a calm cozy place will really make you relax and forget all your problems.

Embracing the breeze, touching the warm pristine white sand, walking near the shore, and the wind blowing my hair, is like a scene in the movie.

I was high school, when I came to know about Maldives, studying map of Asia and geographic location of the different countries. I was amazed about the picture displayed on a magazine telling a short caption about Maldives and other top tourist’s destination in the world.

Maldives is one of the places I want to visit. Since I started schooling, I really want to travel and mingle with other people. My Mom usually says, I am like a reporter. I think, this is my natural way of reaching out to other people. Once I pop a question, the conversation follows. I am learning from other people as well, no matter the age gap is.

Apparently, I am enjoying my stay here (sometimes I get bored). I spend my time productively indulging myself in other activities at the resort, and doing my own blog during my leisure time.

To be away from home, is really difficult to handle. No one will comfort you, especially when you were down, when you got sick, when everyone despises you, worst is when someone try to pull you down because of envy and crab mentality. People come and go. We may meet true friends and at the same time false one.

There is no perfect company to work with, that is how I picture it. The company will be a perfect place to be, if only there is teamwork, fair treatment among associates, give and take relationship between employee and employer.

I do believe that employee is the backbone of the company. What will be the role of the employer and the status of the company if all the staffs are not working well?

We all know how influence “Money” is. You can buy everything in the world, except happiness and good reputation.

I do value my work, because this is my bread and butter.

Despite all the negative things I experienced working in a company here in Maldives, I still see a light of positiveness.

Below are photos taken in different Island Resorts in Maldives. All pictures appear on this blog, with the consent of my guests.

ANA_2091 NUS_1710 ANJ_7377 JVM_5078 DSC_5580 DIG_7929