Hidden Pain

I originally created this poem.
It is my hobby, writing poems and taking some simple shots


I treat you as  a friend,

But you treated me as  a trash,

You shove me away,

Like a useless man.


Now, the fire in my eyes,

The wound in my heart

Will stay forever,

As long as I live.


True friends are really hard to find,

False friends are like autumn leaves

Scattered everywhere.


Harsh words are hard to bear

Stabbed  behind my back

Insensitivity in you,   a ruthless man.


You made me stronger by your unbearable  words

Standing firm where am I right now, 

Brave heart  as I face the world

Not afraid anymore in the dark.


Vengeance is not ours, my  friend

The wheel of life will keep on turning .

Life still must go on, 

My rhythm plays the song.


As the sun still shining on me,

Soon, I will leave my path

Only time will heal the wounds


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