Searching for a lifetime partner in “Dating Websites”?

What comes in your mind when I say “Filipino-Cupid,,,, Face book Chat, Yahoo Chat, Date in Asia, Christian Dating?”

Do you honestly set your true profile picture and status? Are you sincerely true to yourself when meeting different people on the Internet?

Do you have sharp mind in distinguishing a “USER” or an “HONEST SAMARITAN?”  We become stupid sometimes and blame ourselves in the end.  We are influenced by other people, the environment, and the trending innovations.

As I am composing this article of mine, a certain song pops-out from my mind.

“I need love, love to ease my mind

I need to find, find someone to call mine

But Mama said,

You can’t hurry love

No, you just have to wait

She said love don’t come easy

It’s a game of give and take.”

All of us, have been through with many failed relationships, been through bitterness and suffered domestic violence.  With the influence of Cyber world, this serves as an escape goat and our outlet. We started to open ourselves to strangers just to unload the burden and get-off what is inside our heavy chests.

Maybe, some of us are envy that others met their lifetime partners via “Dating Websites.” We dream and wish too, that we can be able to find our long waiting partner.
On the other hand, have you set your standards in searching for the “REAL ONE?”

For women, we dream for Apollo or Adonis, a guy who is tall, dark and handsome, a guy who will give us the universe, a guy who is one-woman-man and a tough guy who is always there to protect us.

For men, they like sexy hot babes, or simple and plain, or a model type, a head-turner brunette, or long-legged slim ladies. Some guys want a trustworthy good wife and mother, knows how to handle money matters, knows household chores, and a woman whom they can put in a pedestal.


I want to answer my own question.  I have my own standards and believe for an ideal man. But since, I experienced a failed relationship way back 5 years ago, I no longer believe for an ideal man. What I do believe is that, you will fall in love, to a certain guy or lady who possesses the opposite standards you set for yourself in finding a boyfriend/girlfriend. You are being blinded, and you always follow your heart, while your mind keeps on dictating the other way around.

At present, I am still waiting for somebody else to knock at my door. Of course, we always learn from our mistakes from the past. Let the past serve as my lesson, let today be a starting point, and let the future mold what and where I will be.