Our Independence Day 12th of June


As we celebrate our Independence Day today, June 12, we give honor and salute all heroes and great people behind this freedom we are savoring right now.

We Filipinos are free to express our own feelings, opinions, action and contradiction towards others. We are no longer slaves by other powerful countries. We are no longer manipulated by Western countries on what to do.

Philippines was under Spain, Japan and United States’ governance way back centuries ago.

Still nowadays, we still see and read in the streets names of establishments, towns, main roads which served as how influenced those three countries.

Just like the name of New York St. in Cubao, Mexico in Pampanga, Kennon Road in Baguio, and the Death March in Bataan.

I am proud to be Filipino. Though some of us are already mixed in races, still the norms, mores, traditions and values run through our veins.

When you turn your side left and right from North Pole to South, you will notice co-Filipino. A Filipino with his own identity, steadfast and has disposition in life.

A single Filipino who fights for his rights as human being. A Filipino who can compete in any field whether  battle of brain or beauty.  A talented Filipino strikes everywhere despite the criticisms and bashers.

Many Filipinos became famous in their chosen careers that give honor in our beloved country.

If only the government and  all administrative staff  leave their own personal intentions and hidden agendas  then I may say to myself……..Free Filipino, Free from Corruption………..Welcome Mabuhay