Graduation march, Que Sera, Sera

Few weeks more and it will be commencement exercise in most universities and other schools. Thousands are graduating from different courses such as Political Science, BS Education, and different fields in Engineering, Commerce, Accountancy and the likes.

Some students will be marching with flying colors, some are being contented finally after four long years of waiting they will at last receive diplomas. Surely parents will be proud of that their daughter/son is summa cum laude, magna cum laude or cum laude.

Behind those awards and satisfactory grades, these graduates worry where are they going through and what future awaits them.

This was how I felt during our graduation day. As I am writing this article, I try to recall our graduation song that serves as inspiration and a drive to pursue my dreams. As what I only remember are the songs we sang during High School days and College (The Journey, Do You Know Where You’re Going Through, and Power of Your Love).

Upon receiving my diploma, I thanked God and hold back my tears as I posed my sweetest smile in front of the camera.

Finding a job is like choosing fresh sweet apple in supermarkets. You won’t be able to know the taste and texture unless you will bite it.

I experienced rejection, dejection, and favoritism. If you apply with good referrals then you are “In”. If you graduated in those reputable and well-known universities such as UP, UE, Ateneo, De La Salle, FEU, UST, Adamson then you are “In”. It was really a stiff competition for me that time.

I took Civil Service Examination that time for me to apply in Government offices. I failed three times in CS Exam. I felt being dumb by not passing the said examination. So, I just admitted, it was not really meant for me.

In 2005, I finally landed a job. Actually my third job experience after I pursue my second course. It was not really in line with my course but I took it as a challenge and a learning ground for me.

I read biography of famous people who started a low profile,  from rugs to riches, who have minimal educational attainment and handicaps but became famous and created their own names in the industry and became successful in their chosen career.

Not all jobs are in line to our courses. There are students who graduated summa cum laude but in the end suicidal victims. Others, after getting married at early age, they became plain housewives. Others work abroad and leave their profession in Philippines for greener pasture and higher compensation.

For my final statement into this article, “As long as the offer is good and it is a decent job, then grab it. Who knows, that job will be a stepping stone for a brighter future.”