Still a long journey


I am not done with my journey. As I keep my pace and continue searching for something, I still hold on God’s hands.

I traveled from Philippines and across the sea, yet I’m still exploring new world that my eyes can’t see.

I want to dream, believe and succeed someday. I am hoping for a positive results that all of my endeavors will go smoothly according to my plan. I know this is like aiming for a bull’s eye that needs concentration, practice and focus on the dartboard.

I was inspired with the lives of those exemplary known people who started from rugs-to-riches per se or from simple ABC’s turned to famous and prominent personalities.

I don’t know what and where will 2012 lead me through.. I just go with the current, but it doesn’t mean that I will let others decide for myself.

I will paddle my own canoe and direct it according to God’s decision. At this point of my life, still enjoying where I am right now. I envy my friends who build their own families and succeed in their careers. But, I don’t compete with them. Rather, compete with own self and be contented on what possible opportunities that come my way.

As 2011 closes its page, I am happy and grateful how far the distance I was able to reach…………………….. I will continue my own race until I gonna say it to myself  ‘THIS IS THE END of it’

photo courtesy of  IsabelinoAko page (Admin)


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