Peculiar activity of a Sorcerer

Unaware attack of a Sorcerer

Why do people fond of doing black magic? What malice or mischief they are capable of when motive and opportunity are available to them?

Awareness is the first defense. How to recognize their handiwork, where and how to seek the appropriate antidote, treatment and cure?

 We believe in their capability in doing such evil things. Sometimes we aren’t aware of the illnesses and sufferings we have; only healers can cure a patient. No wonder even if we seek medical practitioners’ advice and medication, yet the pain and agony are there.
 In this case, I want to share my experience regarding how a local healer cured me from the pain I am enduring.

It was Tuesday lunch time, suddenly I felt some uneasiness, my head so painful and I felt it became bigger than the normal size. One more thing, I was perspiring though my surrounding is fully-equipped with air condition. I took a nap believing it will get rid of it after resting for awhile.

 But it didn’t work well. I sought for Ate Marie in her working area to massage my forehead. (Ate Marie is expert in body massage). When she holds my both hands, they were cold as ice. She aligned my palm to check if there is unusual element which causes my sudden changed condition.

 Bingo! We found out that my left index finger was longer than the other. (Could you believe it?)

 I couldn’t really believe why someone cast a spell unto me. I am just doing my work silently.

 Ate Marie is a humble worker and silent healer in the company. Even guards and other employee in the Admin Department sought after her, if they feel something wrong that a Company Doctor can’t find a solution on it.

 When she asked for my complete name, she was uttering antidotes and calling the name of Our Heavenly Father. She slipped an old bullet to my left fingers between index and middle.

 I am groaning in pain while she continuously uttering antidotes and pressing it hard my fingers. It was a slight torture!

 After that session, she checked once again my hands and aligned my both palm. I was relieved. Both index fingers were already aligned (to do it, align the first line of your palm below index finger, put together and compare).

I asked her, who did this to me but she just kept her mouth shut. She told me that the sorcerer is just around the corner who doesn’t like me as far as my work is concern.

 Recently, I approached once again Ate Marie during my break time. I asked her if she can massage my back before going home. I told her that my back is aching at night and sometimes during day time. She just smiled at me.

 Thursday afternoon, I can no longer endure my backache. Though I am taking some food supplements and vitamins still the pain is there. I saw Ate Marie dressed-up. I immediately cornered her. Thankfully, she finally said, “Let’s see tomorrow”. (It will be Friday)

 She told me that it wasn’t an ordinary back pain. For the second time around, a sorcerer had done another evil thing towards me. Tuesday and Friday are the auspicious days for the witches and sorcerers to practice their handiwork.

 Instead of slipping a bullet in between my fingers, she did it in between my left toes.

This is her own way of reversing the spell so that whoever caused the “kulam” would suffer the same fate as the victim.

 At this point, I am eager to know who among the people I am interacting with has the capability to do this peculiar thing. Ate Marie said, a “woman” who did this to me, but declined to name the person and described it for me. She gives me an advice and what amulet shall I use.

 Before going home, I approached a SWAT Team, if they have extra bullet and an empty bullet shell. Fortunately, without further ado, the officer gave me what I asked for.

Fervent prayer is powerful against practicing black magic, casters of spells, hexes and curses. There is no harm believing in amulet as long as this is use to counteract evil people and with the help of Our Almighty God.


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