Lucky Ones vs. Underprivileged

We see the signs of poverty everywhere in Manila, especially when it is night and raining.  We see the whole families pushing “karitons” carts of junk or camping out along the side of roads at night, with just a small fire to cook their rice.

Some families sleeping over night near corridors of old and abandoned buildings, footbridges and sidewalks.  There are little girls selling Sampaguita flowers in the traffic. In the rain, their faces float up to the windows of our cars as mermaids did long ago bewitching old sailors. (Are they safe from predators?)  Six or Nine-year old boys hang on to the back of racing jeepneys, so they can beg from passengers. (They are supposedly inside the classroom studying).

There are teenager prostitutes scattered along Metro Manila area waiting for customers each night. Old people begging on the street, some are scavenging to survive.

The above situations are just snapshots of poverty.

 Lotto card

This is the irony of life.

When I was reading a broadsheet, what caught my attention was a former real estate broker who won the lotto jackpot price.

People betting, gambling, and expecting that they will strike the correct number combination. Even if they have the last penny in their pockets still eagerness to win and hit the jackpot is their main reason.

As I convey this news to others, they only say one thing. “Mayaman na lang ang nananalo at yumayaman” (Rich people become richer, they always win)


People were addicted in “Lotto” hoping that someday this kind of game/gamble will improve their way of living.

If only officials in Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) are dedicated in their vision/mission and other charity activities they have maybe someday no more poor and underprivileged people living in our country. No more squatters and hungry mouths to feed. Poor people will someday be treated equally


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