Justice: Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth


Kindly click the above link for the full details of the video.

It was two weeks ago when a friend of mine, sent this video. He is  an active  Policeman patrolling around Ortigas Center. As I clicked the play button, I was flabbergasted! I want to vomit and my pores opened as I am watching every detail of this barbaric act. I felt sympathy towards these civilians and marines abducted by these bandits in Mindanao. Is the government and military officials aware of this video?

 If ever it is out for the public to watch, Is justice prevail? It is been so long time that Peace Talks agreement was implemented. But it seems these uncivilized people keep on doing such obscene act. Or maybe they don’t understand peace talk means?

 How many Presidents elected in the Philippines and keep tracking to the hidden agendas of these bandits. But still failed to do so. Are other officials in conspiracy? Or powerful people have their dual appearances, that the  security system in our country is in chaos?

 As a concern citizen, I don’t know when will these bandits stop in doing such cruel and mean thing. If only we can be 24 hours awake just to monitor our society against the attack of these thugs and scoundrels, probably it would be a ZERO crime rate.


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