Pain or Pleasure

Why do you want a tattoo on your body? What part of your body you want to put on tattoo? How does it feel then?

I consider “tattoo” as body art. It’s your own choice what design or style you wanted. You can do what you want as long as you have these: disposable needles, pen, body ink and coil machine.

I was curious, what’s the feeling if you are a model in such tattoo making. Posing in front of audiences, judges and other artists while these artists doing some experiment on your skin.

On my second encounter with this Tattoo Artist, I asked him what motivates him in entering Tattoo Industry.

He was fond of drawings, sketches and pictures in his younger age. He started as Face Painter during special occasions and events. Followed by practicing Henna Tattoo. Now,  on his 9th year in profession he achieved minor and major awards during Tattoo competition.

With keen determination, perseverance, and rigid training in Tattoo Industry from a Face Painter-Henna Tattoo-Permanent Tattoo Artist, now he was sought after clients/models/artists/foreigners in terms of unique tattoo style.

Aside from vying in a competition, he puts up his own Tattoo business  in one of the Mall in Metro Manila.

Kindly visit my channel to view some of his “Obra Maestra”


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